Classic  Cornices Vereeniging

Classic Cornices specialize in delivering a high quality

XPS cornice at a competitive price.

Due to the high density it is stronger and smoother than the EPS cornices.

Turn any room into a reflection of your unique sense of style,

by installing our high quality and durable range of Polystyrene Cornices.

The elite range of Cornices can achieve the perfect look for any building,

creating a classic, elegant, contemporary, bold or sharp finishes.

Custom cut Cornices as per your specifications available on request. 

This ability to custom the Cornices for each job allows us to create solutions for a variety of applications.

Soudal glue can also be purchased with Classic Cornices available in:

1kg Tub  –  2kg Tub  –  5 kg Tub

Soudal Glue is suitable for the gluing of polystyrene wall- and ceiling tiles, insulation foams onto walls, ceiling and floors …..

PVC Ceilings are available and features the following:


PVC Ceilings and other accessories are manufactured from PVC resins and auxiliary materials


PVC Ceilings are available in the following sizes:

30cm wide and a standard length of 3m; 3.6m; 4.7m; 5.95m

Thermal Resistance:

30cm wide and standard R.Value of a 7mm PVC Ceiling panel is 0.112 (m2.K/W)

The PVC Ceiling is:

*Anti-Fungal                            *Easy to clean               *Termite proof

*Corrosion Resistant                 *Fire retardant                     *Water proof

               *No paint needed                       *Light Weight               *No maintenance           

                        *Durable                              *Quick installation    

FIRE RETARDANT (Classification of B/B1/B2 SANS 428)

Polystyrene Ceilings

We supply 30mm , 40 mm and 50 mm thick polystyrene ceiling boards up to 8 meters long.

We also do all renovations and building work.

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